Explore Our Lounge

Step into the inviting ambiance of Blue Flame Cigar Lounge, situated in the iconic Old Town Torrance. For those new to the cigar realm, rest assured: our attentive team will guide you seamlessly from the art of selection to the nuances of savoring each draw. And to our experienced aficionados, prepare to be impressed by our expansive collection, handpicked to meet the discerning palate, complemented by a space that embodies relaxation and sophistication.

Blue Flame is not just a lounge; it's a haven where bonds are forged over shared experiences. As you settle into our plush seating with a view of our screens, remember, the cigars you light here should be from our meticulously curated humidor. But there's no membership gatekeeping this experience – while we do offer them, membership is purely optional.

So, whether you're beginning your cigar journey or you've been on this path for years, Blue Flame is the place to be. Our sole ask? That you only smoke cigars from our collection. So join us, light up, and let the experience begin!

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Location: 1305 Sartori Avenue Suite B. Torrance, CA 90501

Phone Number: (310) 533-4100