Joya De Nicaragua Dos Cientos Cigar Review

Greetings from Old Town Torrance! At Blue Flame Cigar Lounge, we don’t just provide a cigar; we offer an experience. And with the Joya De Nicaragua Dos Cientos, that experience is rooted deep in history and tradition.

Origin and History

Joya De Nicaragua is a brand synonymous with Nicaraguan cigar craftsmanship. Established in the heart of Estelí, Nicaragua, it carries the distinction of being the country's very first premium cigar manufacturer. The Dos Cientos pays homage to this rich legacy while showcasing the brand's continued innovation. The name, which translates to "Two Hundred", is significant. It celebrates 200 years of Latin American countries gaining their independence, and in doing so, this cigar stands as a testament to resilience, history, and the art of fine cigar-making.

What You Will Experience

Rooted in Nicaraguan Craftsmanship:

Joya De Nicaragua stands as a beacon of Nicaraguan cigar artistry. The Dos Cientos, translating to "Two Hundred", celebrates 200 years of Latin American countries' independence. This cigar isn't just about taste; it's a tribute to resilience, history, and the legacy of the country's first premium cigar manufacturer.

Natural Evolution of Sweetness:

What's truly captivating about the Dos Cientos is its progression of sweetness. The journey starts with the robust essence of maple syrup, which gracefully transitions into a velvety caramel. As the cigar nears its end, a light and delicate touch of honey emerges, completing the sweet symphony.

Hints of Espresso and Oak:

While sweetness might be a dominant trait, the Dos Cientos offers more. As you indulge, the flavors of cherry and oak come to the forefront, while gentle undertones of espresso add depth and richness, making each draw both vibrant and intricate.

Smooth Retrohale with a Spice Kiss:

The experience is elevated with its retrohale. It's incredibly smooth, accompanied by a gentle hint of spice, creating a balance that adds a layer of sophistication to the smoke.

Consistency from Spark to Ash:

The Joya De Nicaragua Dos Cientos offers a consistent smoke throughout. While there might be a subtle shift in creaminess as you reach its final third, the core flavors remain unyielding, ensuring satisfaction from start to finish.

In conclusion, the Joya De Nicaragua Dos Cientos is not merely a cigar; it's a blend of history and flavor, a story wrapped in tobacco leaves. We invite you to Blue Flame Cigar Lounge in Old Town Torrance to embark on this experience. Join us, light up, and let the Dos Cientos take you on a journey through time and taste. We've reserved a spot for you.

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